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Usually when i never know what to say to people I just talk about the weather. does everyone like the weather lately? Its awesome! I like the change of temp. and I love sleeping through the rain. Well. Talk to you all later-
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haha...ya im liking this weather...i love rain...i dunno why..i guess it reminds me of the rain games that we have in soccer..i dunno..something...but i dont like the wind
I'm pretty adaptable. I love all weather. Usually. I absolutly hate mud, unless you're playing in it. Rain is really peaceful and calm, but annonying when its a downpour or really really cold. Snow is also peacefull, but I like the rain much more then snow. A nice sunny day with a heavy breeze is relaxing, but the winds that come right before a storm are...exhilariting.

Anythign else?